With a conscious, focused and full breath it is possible to come into an expanded state of consciousness.

This allows us to question our beliefs and change perspectives.

To perceive and get to know yourself in a protected setting.

Your breath is your constant companion.


Do you know your breath?



By touching the muscles, bones and emotions, it is possible to create a greater presence for yourself.

Through the new perception you can take on new perspectives and recognize patterns.

The body's own self-healing powers are reactivated and the energy balance comes back into the flow.

You can also develop a feeling for your body through movement.


Do you feel your body?



I offer a protected safe space for men in which we become aware of ourselves and recognize our true qualities without having to meet expectations.

Away from the outdated conditioning of a man and towards the healthy, conscious sustainable masculinity.

To come into one's midst in an authentic, vulnerable and responsible manner and to draw strength from it.


What exactly is masculinity?


Now that you are already here

Perhaps you decided to take on new perspectives in your life but you do not yet know exactly how?

How is it possible to find a focus for yourself?

To go into observation and to recognize one's own patterns and beliefs?

Feelings are there to be felt, can you feel yourself?

Do you understand your body language?

Are you in touch with your breath?

I am happy to support and guide you in finding out this and much more. By touching and moving your body, through conscious breathing and conversations, I guide you step by step on the path of the body's own self-healing powers.

Together we will integrate what you have experienced and your new insights into your everyday life.

I am happy to guide you personally in individual sessions.

I also offer group sessions, workshops and special formats for men in which we pursue questions such as: What does being a man actually mean?

In addition to my work with all genders and people with every cultural background, I offer an individual safe space for BIPOC’s (Black, Indigenous and People of Color) and for men.

Because of my own history, I know how important it is to have safe spaces for this.

Contact me to make an appointment or book your appointment here directly.


Our breath is so close to us, but sometimes so far away.

When was the last time you consciously inhaled and exhaled?

Your breath is an expression of your current phase of life and reflects it.

Breathwork is a type of guided, dynamic trance breathing meditation.

This enables collective and personal change and transformation processes to be set in motion. 

Are you ready to feel the power of your breath?

i see you ~ mitu



Conscious HIIT is a conscious high-intensity interval training.

The wonderful symbiosis of calmness, strength and focus.

It connects body, mind and soul. 

Your body is the only place you have to live for the rest of your life.

And yet it happens that we pay too little attention to our bodies and do not listen to what you are telling us.

Transformative Bodywork offers a new approach to consciously listening through the physical experience.

Thereby to find a different access to oneself and thus to take a new perspective. 

Which qualities do you want to live more?

i see you ~ mitu



Learning to take responsibility for yourself and to stand up for yourself. 

To live one's own vulnerability as a strength.

Cultural and cross-generational trauma release and processing of shadow issues.

Getting in touch with your own feminine / masculine energy and bring it into balance.

Getting in touch with yourself and holding that connection, but also getting in touch and relating with other men. 

Do you live out your full potential?

i see you ~ mitu

Contact me to make an appointment or book your appointment here directly.

Are you committed to yourself?

Are you available to yourself?

What does your heart say?

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